Toyota Winter Thredbo Safety When You're at the Snow

When You Are At The Snow

  • Parking- Park only in designated parking areas and follow the directions of parking attendants.
  • Don't apply the handbrake - Moisture can freeze cables and brake linings. Instead, chock the wheels, but don't use rocks as they may damage snow clearing machines.
  • Leave the car in gear - Leave the car in gear with the front wheels turned away from the slope. Remove wheel chocks from parking area when leaving.
  • Clear ice from windows and mirrors - Clear all glass and mirrors of ice before attempting to drive away from snowfields. Carry an ice-scraper to clear the bulk of the snow, ice and frost, and use the vehicle's heater and fan in conjunction with the air conditioner.
  • Protect your windscreen wipers - If you're parking for an extended period, lift wipers off your windscreen or place them in a plastic bag so they won't stick to the glass.
  • Warm your engine

For further information on Safe driving in the snow visit RMS website: