Toyota Winter Thredbo Safety On the Road

On The Road

Operation Snowsafe - The Police and RTA are working together to conduct Operation Snowsafe . This operation targets speeding, drink driving and seatbelt offences committed by people travelling to and from the snow.

Whilst on the road -

  • Watch your speed - Adjust your speed to the weather.
  • Daytime running lights - You should drive with your headlights on low beam even during daytime to improve your visibility to other road users. Make sure you turn on your vehicle's fog or head lights when the weather turns bad.
  • Take care overtaking - Never overtake on a hill, at a bend or at intersections.
  • Don't tailgate - Braking distances in snow and ice are increased. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.
  • Brake and accelerate gently - Braking should be gentle and early. When you accelerate, make sure you do it slowly.
  • Obey traffic signs - Never overtake on a hill, at a bend or at intersections.
  • Snow poles and road edges - These are painted orange and are tall enough for drivers to get their bearings in heavy snow.
  • Black ice - Take particular care when driving at night or at dawn or dusk as surface moisture and dew freeze and may become black ice, which is very difficult to detect on the road. Indeed, black ice can remain in shaded or low-lying areas even during fine days.
  • Snow chains - Snow chains are recommended by the RTA for all vehicles, when driving in poor snow conditions to assist drivers and reduce accidents.