STEM focused professional development for early childhood teachers and educators

Hands-on ‘Water’ and ‘Engineering’ workshops help participants learn how to encourage daily scientific exploration with young children that is intentional, yet child-led and playful.

Young children are active learners with a natural curiosity that can be fostered with STEM learning.

Early childhood services with more than two participants completing both workshops who actively implement and facilitate the program can apply to be certified as ‘Little Scientists Houses’.

This project addresses a lack of comprehensive training in early STEM for educators working with young children.

  • 150 early childhood educators & teachers
  • 4,275 children
  • 50+ early childhood organisations

About Little Scientists

Little Scientists Australia delivers a national professional development program for early childhood educators and teachers, focussing on inquiry-based early STEM learning experiences for children aged 3-6 years.
Based on a train-the-trainer model, it is aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework. The approach is based on a German model established in 2006 and brought to Australia in 2013.