The interior has been designed with a focus on maximising space and evoking a unique sense of comfort and style. Tarago GLi and the 4-cylinder GLX offer space and comfort to easily accommodate eight occupants. The second row slides for increased legroom and has a retractable centre armrest complete with cupholders.

Tarago V6 GLX and Ultima offer space to easily accommodate seven full sized adults.

Space, versatility, accessibility

Space, versatility, and accessibility equate to comfort, practicality, and ease of use for all important ingredients for any People Mover.

  • Space - With its front mounted engine, Tarago gives driver and passengers ample shoulder room and legroom and - with the addition of rear cargo storage - more than generous luggage space.
  • Versatility - Tarago’s seating design is flexible and well-thought-out, providing for seven adults in V6 GLX and Ultima, and eight adults in all other models.

    On 4-cylinders models, the third row of seats can fold forward to provide more storage space in the rear of the vehicle while on V6 GLi and GLX models it can be stowed as well. In Ultima model, it Includes a power feature that allows you to fold the third row seats forward and stow at the touch of a button inside the boot.

    Additionally, all Tarago models include rear cargo storage, front passenger dash storage, front door pockets, rear side storage pockets, 8 cup and 4 bottle holders.

  • Accessibility - Whether you're loading passengers or their luggage, the Tarago makes it easy with dual sliding rear passenger doors (powered on V6 GLX and Ultima), rear sidesteps, and second row seatback mounted child seat anchorage points (instead of floor mounted).

An accommodating, flexible and inviting interior

In this people mover, interior comfort moves into new territory. The second row slides for increased legroom and has a centre retractable armrest complete with cupholders. Step aboard Tarago V6 GLX or Ultima and your passengers are immediately upgraded to business class as they sink into two indulgent new 'Captains chairs' in the second row of seats.

For the ultimate in support during long haul travel, these two sumptuous seats are fully adjustable with integrated ottomans which also slide for increased legroom. For those icy days, front seat occupants in V6 GLX and Ultima models can immerse themselves in the warmth of heated seats. In V6 models, the third row seats neatly fold into an underfloor recess creating a perfectly flat cargo area for easy loading and added luggage capacity. Tarago Ultima makes things a touch even easier, with one-touch power operation letting you stow the third row seats at the touch of a single button.

Entertainment and convenience at your fingertips

For your music on the move all models feature a CD tuner with Voice Control, so you never get distracted from your most important job - driving. There's also a 3.5mm AUX input for portable audio players, and USB input for compatible iPods® [G8] and USB memory sticks [G5] to give you even more music playing capacity. And with inbuilt Bluetooth® [B5] , you can keep in touch with your friends and family while keeping your hands on the steering wheel.

All models come with a 6.1" touch screen with Bluetooth [B5] compatibility, plus USB input for compatible iPods® [G8] /USB memory sticks [G5] and the capability of playing DivX®[B1] media files. The 6.1" touch screen audio system also controls the Satellite Navigation[N1] and SUNA [TM] Traffic Live Updates [G7] , ensuring you're always headed in the right direction via the most efficient route. And with directions provided by simple voice prompts, you'll never have any reason to take your eyes off the road ahead.

Standard on Ultima a fully integrated ceiling-mounted Blu-ray™ and DVD compatible Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) system will have your passengers entertained for the entire journey. Boasting a 9" LCD screen that pops out at the push of a button (and manually folds up neatly when not in use), the system is cleverly positioned for uninterrupted viewing pleasure for all second and third row passengers and is operated via remote control. Rear seat passengers can listen to the movie's soundtrack via wireless headphones, while the other passengers listen to their preferred music selection via the speakers.

Multi Information Display

Tarago is equipped with a Multi Information Display (MID) set into the clear, black instrument panel with piano black centre cluster, as standard across the range.

The Tarago center meter delivers real time vehicle and trip information such as speed, fuel level, temperature and audio settings.via 4.2" colour Multi Information Display (MID).

Smart Entry and Start System

Tarago's Smart Entry and Smart Start lets you get in your car and drive away without ever needing to find your keys.

Available on Tarago V6 GLX and Ultima models, Smart Entry works by picking up radio signals transmitted by your key fob. The system senses when you are nearby and prepares to unlock. As soon as you grip the door handle, the doors unlock. As long as you have your key on you, you never have to fumble for your keys to unlock the car door. This is especially convenient when you're carrying bags, shopping or small children.

Smart Entry also keeps the doors from locking if the key is still in the vehicle, so you never have to worry about locking your keys in the car again.

Once you're inside Tarago, Smart Start keeps the convenience going. As long as the key is somewhere in the car and your foot is on the brake pedal, all you have to do is press the Power button to start or stop the vehicle. Available on all Tarago models, Smart Start makes getting moving in Tarago simple.

3-zone climate control

Tarago is equipped with 3-zone climate control air conditioning with clean air filters, across the range allowing passengers in the back to set a different temperature to those in the front - creating separate "climates" in different areas of the same car. So whatever the weather's like outside, the weather inside is always perfect. The air conditioning controls are designed to make it easy to set strength, temperature and direction of air.