So much more than just Servicing

Detail of what’s included in your next logbook service and what it’s going to cost is just the start. You’ll even find tips for maintaining your Toyota and advice in the event of an accident. It’s all part of the service.

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Express Maintenance

Toyota Express Maintenance* offers the convenience of a full logbook service, completed while you wait, allowing you to get on with the rest of your day.

*Available at Toyota certified Express Maintenance dealers only. Not available on all Toyota models.
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Toyota Genuine Value

Whether your car is in warranty[T4] or out of warranty you will know what it will cost and what is included in the service. It’s all part of the peace of mind that comes from getting a Toyota Genuine Service.
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Toyota Service Advantage

If you’re not a big fan of unwanted surprises, you’re going to love Toyota Service Advantage[B20] set, capped price servicing. So every time you get a logbook service you’ll know exactly what you’re paying, in advance. This includes all labour costs, oil, fluids and any Genuine Parts required. So it’s easy and affordable to get the best possible care for your Toyota. What a great way to budget.
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Logbook Service costs

Budgets, like Toyotas, run better when you know what your next logbook service includes and how much it will cost. If your Toyota is within its warranty period[T4], you are likely to be eligible for Toyota Service Advantage[B20], where you will enjoy set capped pricing. If your Toyota is no longer within the warranty period, contact your Toyota Service Centre for a quote.
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Technical Glossary & Manuals

If you’re into detail you’ve come to the right place. We have a huge amount of technical info, including manuals, that you can access right here.
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Maintenance Tips

Just because you have one of the world’s most reliable cars doesn’t mean you can forget about it in between services. So if your Toyota doesn’t feel or sound right don’t ignore it, get it checked asap at your local Toyota Service Centre.
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Accidents, Breakdowns & Repairs

No one likes to think about being in an accident. But it’s a lot better to think about it now rather than after an accident. So from Accident Repair Guides and Repairers to Automotive Insurance, we think about the things you don’t want to.