Easy checks you can do

The easiest way to keep your Toyota trouble-free is to do a couple of simple things each time you fill it up:

  • Check your engine levels
  • Check your coolant, brake, clutch, and windscreen washer fluid levels
  • Check your tyre pressure including spare (when cold)
  • Check your battery

Occasionally, when you’re at home, walk around your car and check all the lights and indicators are working as they should.

If you’re unsure how to do any of this have a look at your Service & Warranty Logbook or ask your Toyota Service Centre at your next service. Easy as.


How do I know if my Toyota is eligible for Capped Price Servicing?

Depending on your model, you will receive one low price for the cars’ first 3 or 4 years or 60,000 or 75,000 kilometres (whichever comes first)[B20]. Click here to find out more.


How do I find my nearest Toyota Service Centre?

There are 290 Toyota Service Centres across Australia. Click here to find your nearest Centre.


How much will my service cost?

During the Toyota Service Advantage[B20] period your service cost will be capped at one low price which will be model specific. If your Toyota is outside of the Toyota Service Advantage period call your local dealer for a quote. Click here to find out more.


Can I wait at the Toyota Service Centre whilst my Toyota gets serviced?

Toyota Service Centres offer a comfortable guest lounge where you can wait with complimentary tea and coffee, magazines, and free Wi-Fi.


What is included in my service?

This will depend on which km/year service you are getting.

Your service within warranty under the Capped Price Servicing will include: all labour costs, oil, fluids, and any Genuine Parts required.


Are there courtesy cars or transport available once I drop off my car?

Each Service Centre offers different options. Please check with your Service Centre.


Who will be working on my Toyota?

Highly skilled and trained Toyota Technicians who will be using the latest diagnostic equipment.


How long will a service take?

This will depend on which service your Toyota is getting done. Ask your local dealer for an approximate timeframe when you book in for a service.


How often do I need to service my Toyota?

This is dependent on the model of Toyota that you have. Click here for more information.


How do I book in for a Service?

You can book in for a service online, via phone, or in person at your local dealer. Click here for more information.

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