Toyota Genuine Parts: Engine and Drive Train

Engine and Drive Train

The engine and drive train is the powerhouse of your Toyota. These parts generate power and deliver it to you on the road. There are numerous parts that make up the drivetrain of your car including the battery, the clutch, the drive belt, the muffler and spark plug.

Your car's battery is what supplies energy to the starter motor, ignition system and lights. The spark plug ignites the fuel and air mixture, which propels the engine's cylinders to drive the car. The engine stays turning with the assistance of a drive belt that carries all the other parts that are auxiliary to your engine's functioning. The role of the clutch is to effortlessly transfer the power from the engine to propel the vehicle. Finally the muffler is the component in your exhaust system that is responsible for correctly 'breathing out' emissions, so that your engine delivers maximum performance and efficiency.