Toyota: Vehicle Protection

Vehicle Protection Accessories

Buying a Toyota is a big investment so it makes sense to keep it in the best possible condition for the longest possible time. So we're now offering a full Toyota Genuine Protection Pack which includes Body Coating, Leather Care and Paint Protection. Between them, they'll offer excellent protection against natural wear and tear and the elements.

Paint protection

Toyota Genuine Paint Protection
Toyota Genuine Paint Protection

Chips and scratches are unsightly and may reduce the re-sale value of your Toyota. You'll probably find that most of the scratches on your car that happen are in specific "high-traffic" areas. Rather than repainting your entire car, you can avoid a lot of the scratches by protecting these key areas with Toyota Genuine Paint Protection.

Paint Protection film helps to avoid common scuffing and scratches in "high-traffic" areas on your car, such as the door-handle cups and bumper bars. Toyota Genuine paint protection is a high-grade, colourless urethane film that is pre-cut to fit the rear bumper and door-handle cups of your car. Ask your nearest Toyota Service Centre about getting Paint Protection on your car.

Leather care

Toyota Genuine Leather Care combines a cleaning agent and moisturiser to keep your Toyota looking like new for as long as possible. The cleaning agent removes body oils, sweat and other dirt that works its way into the leather accents leaving it with a natural matte finish rather than the shiny look of dirty leather. Being water soluble, it's also gentler on the environment and totally safe for you and your passengers.

Body coat

Toyota Genuine Body Coat
Toyota Genuine Body Coat

Technically speaking, Toyota Genuine Body Coating is an extra hard film of silica dioxide crystal compound. Simply speaking, it's a glass-like substance that bonds to your vehicle's paintwork like a protective shell. By preventing dirt and grime from settling on the paint surface it reduces the chance of staining and helps prevent small scratches. It also makes cleaning much easier with little need for waxing and polishing. And because it's highly water repellent and has very little friction, dirt can be rinsed away with a simple hosing.