Toyota Tyre pressure monitoring system: Exterior Accessories

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Tyre condition is often a big worry for drivers and have a big impact on the safety and performance of your car. It's often not until we're driving that we think about our tyre's pressure and you might not have a pressure gauge handy at that time.

To keep you at ease on the road, we've developed a practical dash-mounted Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, which displays the temperature, and pressure of all five tyres (including the spare). The monitor is in easy view of the driver's seat so you'll never have to guess if the tyres need air and will know immediately if you suffer a puncture while driving.

The sophisticated and compact device uses wireless technology to receive data from small sensors mounted inside each wheel and can be programmed to alert the driver to low tyre pressure, tyre overheating and when the sensor battery requires replacement.

This accessory is available on:

  • Aurion
  • Camry
  • HiLux
  • Hybrid Camry
  • LandCruiser 70
  • LandCruiser 200
  • Prado
  • Rav4
  • Tarago