May 6, 2019

Toyota Good For Cricket - Raffle Winners

As a Gold Partner of Cricket Australia, Toyota was busy supporting cricket from the grassroots up last summer. The Toyota Good for Cricket Raffle, now in its sixth consecutive year, provided an additional means for clubs to raise much needed funds, helping to keep the game accessible for those in communities across Australia.

The raffle has wrapped up for another season and a lucky few have been drawn as the winners, a great reward for getting behind their local club and buying a ticket.

See a complete list of prize winners for both the National and WA Toyota Good for Cricket Raffle below:

1st Richard Holloway (QLD)
2nd Fiona Huber (VIC)
3rd Lloyd Mackenzie (SA)
4th Toby Ryan (SA)
5th Jessie Lang (VIC)
6th Nigel O’Neill (NSW)
7th Craig Mundy (VIC)
8th Bailey Webb (VIC)
9th Jeremy Parsons (SA)
10th Shane Hegne (TAS)
11th Aparna Kondabathini (NSW)

1st Anthony Sims
2nd Steven Barron
3rd Gavin Mahoney
4th Sam Want
5th Jason Ballard
6th Christine Kay
7th Julie Flindell