October 26, 2016

Toyota Australia Expands Takata Airbag Recall

Toyota Australia has recalled an additional 179,710 vehicles as part of its Takata airbag safety campaign.

 Three vehicle models are involved in this recall - Avensis Verso, Corolla and Yaris - with build dates ranging between March 2007 and December 2011.

 The recall is due to the possibility that the front passenger airbag inflators may be susceptible to moisture intrusion over time. 

 If this happens, this could potentially make the inflator assembly prone to rupture during an accident, increasing the risk of injury to the occupant.

 No Toyota vehicle models with affected driver airbags are involved in Australia as a result of this recall expansion.

 Toyota Australia will notify by mail all affected vehicle owners of this recall within the next few weeks. 

 It is anticipated that replacement part availability will commence during Q2 2017. Once replacement parts are available we will send a letter to affected customers so they can make an appointment at their preferred Toyota dealer. 

 It will take between one and three hours (model dependent) to replace the front passenger airbag inflator assembly and this work will be carried out free of charge.

 There have been no incidents or injuries reported in Australia as a result of this condition. 

 A full list of impacted vehicles and additional information can be found below in the Q&A's below.

 For further information, customers can contact the Toyota recall campaign helpline on 1800 987 366.

Toyota Corolla, Yaris & Avensis Verso front passenger airbag Q&A

Q1: What is the condition?

 A1: In the involved vehicles, the front passenger's airbag inflators contain a non-desiccated phase stabilised ammonium nitrate propellant. A possibility exists that after prolonged exposure to high absolute humidity, high temperatures, and high temperature cycling, inflator propellant may degrade due to the absorption of moisture. In the event of an accident requiring frontal airbag deployment, abnormal inflator deployment and rupture may occur. The ruptured inflator may create metallic projectile fragments that could contact an occupant, increasing the risk of injury.

Q2: What is the function of the Inflator?
 A2: The inflator is a device contained within the airbag assembly. It contains a solid propellant which is ignited in the event airbag deployment is necessary. When ignited, the solid propellant expands into an inert gas, inflating the airbag.

Q3: What is a desiccant?
 A3: A desiccant is a hydroscopic (attracts and holds moisture) substance that is added to the inflator to prevent moisture absorption by the propellant wafers.

Q4: Which and how many vehicles are involved?
 A4: In the Australian market, there are 179,710 Toyota Corolla ZRE152, Yaris NCP9# & Avensis Verso ACM21 vehicles involved.

Note: 1) Although the involved vehicles are within the above VIN ranges, not all vehicles in these VIN ranges were sold in the Australian market.
2) (#) indicates additional check digit (alpha or numeric) sold in Australia.

Q5: Are there any other Toyota vehicles covered by this passenger airbag campaign in the Australian market?

 A5: Yes. This recall campaign is in addition to previous recall campaigns that have been announced for other ranges of Toyota Corolla, Yaris and Avensis Verso vehicles.

Q6: Are there any warnings that this condition has occurred? 
 A6: No. There are no warnings that this condition exists.

Q7: Have any accidents or injuries been reported as a result of this condition? 
 A7: Toyota have not received any reports of accidents or injuries as a result of this condition in the Australian market.

Q8: What is Toyota going to do?
 A8: An interim letter will be mailed out to owners of the involved vehicles on or about 10 November 2016 to provide early detail of this forthcoming campaign. 

 At the time of parts availability, Toyota will again notify owners by mail to make an appointment with an authorised Toyota dealer to have the front passenger's air bag inflator replaced.

 Toyota dealers will perform required rectification FREE OF CHARGE to the vehicle owner.

Q9: How long will the repair take?
 A9: This repair will take approximately one to three hours subject to vehicle model. Depending upon the dealer's work schedule, it may be necessary to make your vehicle available for a longer period of time.

Q10: Why is Toyota announcing this recall when replacement parts are not available?
 A10: Toyota decided to inform owners as soon as we identified the issue allowing additional care to be taken when driving.