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iPhone Park Smart app

The FREE Park Smart App is a simple and intuitive application for the iPhone®[G8] which utilises push technology to help remind you of your parking, to help you avoid unnecessary parking tickets. The Park Smart App lets you quickly slide to start the meter timer reminder and with a single tap, add hints to remind you where you've parked your car.


  • Simple and straightforward interface customised for quick usage
  • Slide to start meter timer
  • Definable pre-expiry alert intervals
  • Add location hints for where you've parked as GPS location, photo or text mode
  • Manage frequented streets with time restrictions
  • Ability to share your current parking details and street rules

Meter Timer 1

Meter alert - 15 minutes before

One touch slider to quickly set the parking timer

Drag the slider at the top of the home screen to set and start the meter timer.

Tap Meter Alert to set how early you would like to receive an alert message warning you that your parking is about to expire.

Location Hint 1

Add text, photo or a GPS location to remind you of where you parked

Add location
Tap the Add Location icon to launch a map where you can view or update a GPS location marking where you've parked.
Add photo
Tap the Add Photo icon to view or take a picture reminding you where you've parked.
Add note
Tap the Add Note icon to view or add notes on your vehicle's location (ie. parking level).

Location and Street Rules 1

Location and Street Rules

Add your frequented streets and see warnings at a glance

Tap Add Location and Street Rules to add frequented street with clearway or bus lane rules.

Create a label, times of rules, days, weeks and alerts.

On the home screen you can select / unselect the location you've parked by tapping it. A car icon will appear next to the location name.

Locations and streets will show red if there's a parking rule that needs to be avoided, those in warning will show yellow and the ones without rules will show white.


Tap a restriction to mark where you've parked.

Share Details 1

Current parking details

Send your parking location, meter duration and street rules to others via email

Tap the Share button in the top right corner of the home screen to share your parking details and street rules.

Tap to select / unselect the details or rules that you want to share then tap the Send Email button in the top right corner.

Import Details 1

Current parking details

Import parking location, meter duration and street rules shared with you

Once you've received an email with Park Smart shared details tap Import to Toyota Park Smart.

When the app opens, tap to select / unselect the details or rules that you want to import, then tap the Import button in the top right corner.

Note: Some of your settings may be overwritten when importing data.


See examples of the Park Smart app

Park Smart - dashboard Park Smart - location Park Smart - photo


The Park Smart App ("the device") is designed as an assisting device only. Not all mobile devices will be compatible and functionality will vary depending on the device. The device should not to be used whilst driving. The information contained in this device is for general information purposes only and is not a substitute for safe parking practices. To the extent permitted by law, Toyota Australia will not be liable for any damage, loss or expense incurred as a result of reliance upon the information or photos contained in this device (whether by way of negligence or otherwise). While Toyota Australia has used its best endeavours to ensure that the information in this device was accurate and up-to-date when published Toyota Australia will not guarantee the reliability or functionality of the device and that users will receive notifications. You should exercise your own skill and judgement and, where appropriate, check your local road rules relevant to your own circumstances before enabling or using or relying on these functions. Access and use of the device may be interfered with by numerous factors outside of Toyota Australia's control. Mapping and navigation related components of the device rely on mobile network coverage and reliability. Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited ABN 64 009 686 097 155 Bertie St, Port Melbourne 3207.

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