Toyota Good for Footy is back and this year we’ve recruited big Jonno Brown to make some big changes. It’s going to be record breaking, ground breaking and perhaps even news breaking!

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Community Stories:
Diamond Creek

Diamond Creek Women’s FC is one of the largest women’s football clubs in Australia, boasting 130 players from the Under 12’s, right up to the seniors.

Through the Toyota Good for Footy Raffle, the Creekers have raised more than $3,000 to buy trophies and keep encouraging young girls to play Aussie Rules in a safe, supportive environment.

Community Stories:
Pyramid Power

Pyramid Power’s team bus is more than just transportation; it’s a lifeline, moving young players hundreds of kilometres from remote Queensland communities to training sessions and games.

Through the Toyota Good for Footy Raffle, the Power raised more than $1,000 to keep the old bus on the road.

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Community Stories:
North Albury

Last season, North Albury FC were left feeling flat after a break-in saw them lose a swag of new footies.

But, with a little help from the Toyota Good for Footy Raffle, ‘The Hoppers’ raised $1,000 to replace stolen Sherrins - ensuring every young gun could continue playing and developing their skills in the game they love.

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