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Craig Alexander: 2010 Road to Kona - Episode 6

Nov 24, 2010
Craig Alexander - Every Second Counts

Tensions build in episode 6, as we meet Craig Alexander twenty-four hours before the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. In this video episode, Craig reflects on all the training he's done leading up to the race and on the mental strategy required to win a full ironman triathlon.

Craig Alexander's track record is impressive. He talks to us about his nine previous races, seven of which he has won. This year, they are all just yardsticks leading up to Kona.

It's the mentality going into the race that's one of the biggest hurdles for the athletes. Craig embraces the mental challenges and the cost of what it takes to get through race day.

Craig opens up to us in this video about fear. Ironman athletes face fear of the unknown, the conditions and physical pain. On a deeper level, there is also the fear of where you will have to go mentally towards the end of a race.

We see Craig talk about some of the critical mental exercises that all ironmen must play. Whether an athlete decides to "sit" or "go all in," it's all about picking your moment.

On the morning of the race, you won't find Craig Alexander sleeping in! Craig tells us about his morning routine including what he eats and drinks before the epic race. The enthusiasm Craig feels for the start of the race is obvious. He may see himself as the underdog, but as he describes, "This island doesn't know names and it doesn't play favourites." He's starting this race with a clean slate, and with the past behind him.