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Craig Alexander: 2010 Road to Kona - Episode 2

May 21, 2010
Craig Alexander - Every Second Counts

There are limits to everything - including how much the human body and mind can endure. In the Road to Kona video series, we explore those limits as demonstrated by ironman champion Craig Alexander.

In this first episode, Craig Alexander talks to us about his training for the ironman championship in Kona, Hawaii and what it's like to complete the grueling triathlon in which competitors are faced with a 3.8 km open water swim followed by a 180 km cycle and then a 42.2 km run.

Kona, Hawaii is home of the Ironman Championships. From a young age, Craig Alexander would watch coverage of the race from his home in Australia. In the video he describes how the stunning landscapes and lava fields of Kona inspired and captivated him.

Today, Craig Alexander's racing record in Kona, Hawaii is formidable. In the three years he has taken part in the Kona ironman race, he has earned two wins and a second place. He was the fourth man in history to ever defend the title. In this episode, Craig Alexander talks about what it was like to compete in each of the ironman triathlons in Kona.

Despite his impressive record, Craig Alexander is always mindful of the competition. In this episode, Craig talks about the depth and ability of his opponents. We learn about the mental play that goes on between the triathletes in Kona and why being strong mentally is so important when it comes to competing.

What doesn't surprise us is the amount of hard work that Craig Alexander puts in. He has developed a finely tuned training regiment that requires nothing less than complete devotion and obsession. Yet, for Craig Alexander, it's just another day at work.