Toyota LIVE RAV4WARD - Craig Alexander: 2010 Road to Kona - Episode 9

Craig Alexander: 2010 Road to Kona - Episode 9

Dec 17, 2010
Craig Alexander - Every Second Counts

What does a professional triathlete do when he's not preparing for a race? Find out in episode 9 of The Road to Kona when Craig Alexander talks to us about what the next few months hold.

Like many athletes, Craig Alexander's work schedule is based around his races. When it's a big race, like the World Championship Ironman in Kona, Hawaii, it's hard to look beyond that date. How well you perform at the race is also certain to influence your post-race planning. Craig explains to us how post-race life is drastically different than pre-race life and how he uses that time to establish balance with everything that's important to him.

Besides all the racing and competition, Craig Alexander is a family man. Following the race in Kona, Craig looks forward to returning home with his family to Australia from which he has been away for six months. Like any professional athlete, he also has sponsorship commitments to meet during this time.

In an open discussion, he admits that he hadn't really planned on anything past October 9 and that it's a weird feeling for him to wake up and not have any training, massages or other sports activity scheduled. After being goal orientated for so long, Craig enjoys the relaxation of spending quality time with his family.

Even the weeks immediately following the race were busy for Craig, with training, media and race analysis. Only now is he able to begin the real recuperation process. Oh, and of course, planning for next year's ironman in Kona.