Superior Quality

Toyota's quality, durability, reliability and safety are legendary. To be the most reliable, dependable car brand in the world, you can't rest on your laurels. You must be constantly testing, refining and improving.

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Research and Development

Nothing is so good that it cannot be made better. That is why we strive for constant improvement in everything we do. We have a word for it: Kaizen. It means continuous improvement, and it is the key principle that guides us in our commitment to deliver more to our customers.
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Toyota Production System

Our approach to automobile production, with a focus on quality and putting the customer first has revolutionised the automotive industry. The Toyota Production System is sometimes referred to as the "lean manufacturing" or the "just-in-time" system, and has come to be respected and studied worldwide.
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To build safer cars, we collect information from actual vehicle accidents to analyse their cause as well as the extent and nature of the injuries sustained. We call this process the "pursuit of real safety".