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LandCruiser 200

The evolution of the LandCruiser

The era of the LandCruiser 200 is coming to an end. After 14 years we’re making way for the next generation, the All-New LandCruiser 300. Want to know more?

Explore All-New landcruiser 300
All-New LandCruiser 300
All-New LandCruiser 300

The All-New LandCruiser 300 GR Sport model shown

Remembering the LandCruiser 200

Like all LandCruisers the 200 was built to take on the harsh Australian landscape. Crowned as Drive’s 2020 Car of the Year for Upper Large SUV it clearly lived up to its purpose.

Sahara model shown, phone not included[B25].



The LandCruiser 200 offered full-time 4WD and a 200kw Twin Turbo Diesel engine. The All-New LandCruiser 300 sees an increase in power to 227kw with enhanced offroad technology engineered to tackle tough terrain.



Broad yet sleek, solid yet stylish, the LandCruiser 200 always delivered the perfect blend of rugged strength and refined comfort. The All-New LandCruiser 300 takes a step towards the future, the evolution of a classic.



Going off grid and exploring never had to be uncomfortable in the LandCruiser 200. The All-New LandCruiser 300 shares the same philosophy, combining brutal performance with luxurious interiors and features.

Remembering the LandCruiser 200
Remembering the LandCruiser 200

Sahara model shown

The legacy of the LandCruiser

The LandCruiser’s unbeatable spirit means it’s been part of thousands of success stories over the last 70 years both on the world stage and in the back paddock. The All-New LandCruiser 300 will build upon the quality, ruggedness and capability it took to create such legendary stories.

LandCruiser 200

Building the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme

The first 13 LandCruisers in Australia were sent straight into battle. It was their job to carry heavy duty machinery into the impossible terrain and harsh conditions of Kosciuszko National Park.

LandCruiser 200

Longest drive of all time 692,227km

Emil and Liliana Schmid spent almost 30 years travelling the world non stop. Their LandCruiser 60 has been to over 180 countries and territories.

LandCruiser 200

1st and 2nd 1996 Dakar Unmodified Diesel Class

8,497km over 15 days. That’s how far two LandCruisers drove to take the top two podium spots during the most grueling rally in the world.

Already own a LandCruiser 200?

Move on up

Move on up

Interested in an upgrade? Find out the resale value of your LandCruiser 200 and make a move into the next generation All-New LandCruiser 300.

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A long life

A long life

The best place to service and repair your LandCruiser 200 will always be at a Toyota Dealership. Our Toyota Technicians are experts in Toyota vehicles old and new.

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Meet the new Legend

The All-New LandCruiser 300 builds on a 70 year reign, adding extra power, smarts and luxury to make it the best LandCruiser yet.

Explore All-New LandCruiser 300
All-New LandCruiser 300
All-New LandCruiser 300

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