Finance Protection Insurance for your Car

Our Finance Protection Insurance policy helps you meet your finance contract repayments for up to six months, subject to the maximum cover amount you've chosen and depending on your circumstances.

Depending on your circumstances, Finance Protection Insurance can help you to:

  • make your vehicle repayments
  • reduce your financial burden
  • keep your vehicle, or
  • return your vehicle and exit your loan

Can I exit my loan entirely?

If your claim is accepted, you can choose to terminate your finance contract and hand back your vehicle. We will pay any outstanding payment amount less the vehicle sale price and arrears, subject to the remaining maximum cover amount you choose. 

Life's other unexpected events

Additional options also let you hand back the vehicle if:

  • You're self-employed and are declared bankrupt
  • You have to quit work to care for family members, or on the recommendation from a medical practitioner
  • You need to relocate to a posting overseas for more than one year

Organising Finance Protection Insurance?

A simple one-off payment can be included in the total amount being financed with Toyota Finance.

Let's make it happen.

Contact a Dealer or call us on 137 200, 8:30am-7:00pm (EST) Monday to Friday

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