Toyota is leading the way in the development of Hybrid models. Find the one that’s right for you.

Corolla Hatch Hybrid


Corolla Hybrid Hatch shown

Turn on the fun

Powered by Hybrid Synergy Drive® – the world’s leading Hybrid technology, Corolla Hybrid delivers remarkable fuel efficiency without compromising performance.



Prius i-Tech® shown

Driven by Innovation

Our 4th Generation Prius reflects the latest developments and performance advances in Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive® Technology.

Prius v

Prius v

Prius v i-Tech® shown

Style for the modern family

Prius v is a 7-seat premium wagon that combines the agility of a passenger car with enough space for a growing family. Everything about this powerful, smart vehicle has been designed with versatility, comfort, innovation and style in mind.



Camry SL Hybrid shown

Impressive from every angle

Camry Hybrid teams a 2.5L petrol engine with an advanced electric motor to deliver impressive performance, along with the clean and economical motoring you expect from a Hybrid.



RAV4 Cruiser Hybrid shown

Return of Recreation

If there was ever an SUV that was styled for all-out excitement, RAV4 is it. Whether it's strapping on the surfboard, buckling up the kids or just loading in our overnight bags, you can be prepared with RAV4.

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