In every HiAce you’ll enjoy Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) to help control oversteer and understeer, as well as Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) as standard on all vehicles. An Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) to help prevent wheel lock-up and skidding is also fitted as standard, as is driver and front passenger SRS airbags, Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) and Brake Assist (BA) to help ensure the shortest and safest possible braking distance in an emergency.

Toyota's Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) Safety Programme

Toyota is committed to vehicle safety. That's why we established the Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) passive safety assessment programme. First we find the toughest safety standards in the world, then we exceed them.

Dual SRS Airbags Standard

Don't leave safety to chance. The HiAce comes standard with driver and front passenger SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbags on every model. The airbags work together with the front pre-tensioning seatbelts to help keep both you and your passenger safe in frontal collisions.

High Levels Of Crash Safety

Thanks to the latest in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), the HiAce has excellent safety features. Upper and lower Y-Frame (Crocodile) chassis rails greatly enhance frontal impact absorption, strengthened front door impact beams enhance protection against side intrusion, and a brake pedal link mechanism allows the Brake Booster to rotate away from the steering column and brake pedal in a frontal collision.

3 Point Seatbelts

With a bus-load of people, passenger safety is paramount. That's why every new HiAce Commuter Bus comes standard with 3 point lap sash seatbelts for all 14 occupants. Of course, HiAce Vans also feature 3 point Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) seatbelts for driver and passenger, plus a 2 point lap only seatbelt for the centre seat occupant.

Anti-Skid Braking System (ABS)

All HiAce models feature front ventilated disc brakes and rear drums, with an Anti-skid Braking System (ABS) and Brake Assist (BA)[B4]. ABS brakes help you maintain steering control in an emergency situation by preventing your wheels from locking up. Brake Assist is designed to assist the driver in emergency braking by applying additional braking pressure to maximise braking performance. Standard from August 2010 production.

Reversing Camera and Electrochromatic Mirror

Designed to give you extra safety and confidence while you reverse, HiAce's Reversing Camera[B4] provides a clear visual picture of what would usually be hard to see. Whenever you put the vehicle in reverse, the Reversing Camera[B4] view is projected onto an Electrochromatic Rear View mirror, so you never have to take your eye off what's behind you.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) comes as standard on all HiAce variants. The system uses fast-acting computer-based intelligence to sense oversteer (back wheel sideways skid) and understeer (front wheel sideways skid) during cornering, and automatically activates to keep the vehicle on track.

Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)

The Emergency Stop Signal will blink if HiAce detects emergency braking at above 55km/h. This system has been proven to effectively reduce reaction time for drivers behind, getting them to hit their own brakes faster. The system is designed to reduce the chances of cars colliding with you from behind when you have to stop fast and, in the unfortunate event a collision does occur, help to reduce the severity of the impact due to the reduced speed of the car travelling behind you.

Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC)

Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC)[B4] helps reduce backward movement when starting off on an incline. As you release the brake to pull away, the system will automatically hold the car briefly, giving time for the driver get back on the throttle and drive off.