Programs and Financing

As well as our standard fleet plans, Toyota for Business has a range of special pricing for various industry sectors and associations to deliver savings. If you belong to one of our industry association partners below you can get access to Gold Fleet pricing.

Industry Associations

Toyota has built relationships with industry associations to help provide reward benefits to members. If you belong to one of the industry associations listed below you can take advantage of Toyota Fleet Associations Pricing. That means even if you’re a small business, you’ll get access to price benefits normally reserved for large businesses.

AgForce Queensland
Master Builders Association (MBA)
Master Plumbers Association (MPA)

Special pricing

As well as helping small and medium businesses, Toyota for Business also works with Commonwealth, State, and Local Governments to deliver fleet solutions at scale. We also have specific fleet plans tailored to the needs of not-for-profits, rental companies and taxi operators.

Government and charities

Government and charities

We have specific programs for State and Local Governments, as well as charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Rental companies

Rental companies

Rental companies that supply daily rental and hire vehicles to their customers have specially tailored Gold and Platinum fleet pricing plans.

Taxi operators

Taxi operators

If you purchase and register a vehicle in the name of a taxi business you may be eligible for Gold Fleet benefits.

If your organisation falls into one of these categories, call Toyota for Business on 1800 679 247 to find out what benefits are available to you.


Business finance options

Operating leases

An operating lease lets you fund a new vehicle with a set monthly cost without an initial capital outlay. An operating lease also removes the headache of buying the vehicle when the lease ends and lets you budget more effectively with regular monthly payments. What’s more, your payments may be tax deductible.

Finance lease

A finance lease lets you choose a residual value within the ATO’s specified range to allow financing at a known monthly cost. Where an operating lease can be considered renting, a finance lease can be thought of as a loan. At the end of your lease you can pay it out and take ownership, extend your term, or enter into a new agreement.

Novated leasing

Novated leasing is a way of using salary packaging to lease your business vehicle. Using a novated lease and the salary packaging benefits can open up access to potential tax savings. Typically, with a novated lease, running costs like fuel, servicing, tyres and roadside assistance are covered, making ongoing vehicle maintenance easier to manage.

Term purchase

A term purchase allows you to pay the entire finance amount in equal instalments or specify a balloon payment, whichever suits on your cash flow. The ideal choice if you want to own the vehicle at the end of the repayment term because it transfers the risk of ownership to you, and when the final instalment is made, you’ll have full legal ownership. A term purchase also lets you pay out the vehicle loan in full at any time.

Chattel mortgage

A chattel mortgage is when a financier loans you money to buy a car, but takes a security over the car should you fail to make your payments. With a chattel mortgage, there is no GST applied to interest or term charges, and you can claim depreciation for business usage. Chattel mortgages are similar to operating leases, except you’re responsible for legal ownership and operating costs, and at the end of the term, you own the vehicle.

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