Small Business

Lee Sauerwald

Uniting Communities, 14/09/2016

"The quality, durability and reliability of the Toyota product continues to be a strength we rely on to deliver vital services to those people most vulnerable in our community."


Rob Davey

Complete Ute & Van Hire, 18/02/2015

"Reliability in the rental industry is critical; once our Toyotas leave the premises we rarely receive a call out from customers."

Trade & Services

Craig Kortum

O'Brien Glass, 02/08/2016

"Our employees say HiAce Vans have great safety features, are comfortable to drive in all day and in general do not have issues with them being off the road other than for normal servicing."


Ian McGregor

Holdfast Bay City Council, 07/12/2016

"We take for granted driving safely in our Camry and HiLuxs' due to the build quality of each vehicle. Resale value for these vehicles remain excellent."

Mining & Construction

Gary Wotherspoon

Mader Group, 02/02/2017

"Our fleet of HiLux’s have been remarkably reliable, given the demands we make on them. Tyre damage, animal strike and dirty fuel are our biggest enemies, followed by suspension and drive train damage from rough roads."

Large Corporations

Craig Kortum

O'Brien Glass, 02/08/2016

"The Toyota vehicle range fits in our HR policy, the vehicles are reliable, drive well in Australian conditions and most importantly, work with our overall staff safety policy."


Lee Sauerwald

Uniting Communities, 14/09/2016

"We have been running Camry Hybrids in our fleet for many years and we continue to receive positive feedback about the product and its features. It is a solid vehicle with low emissions and many standard safety features to help keep our clients and staff safe."

Additional Industries

Stuart Prideaux

Beef Producer S Kidman & Co Ltd, 03/11/2016

"Landcruiser 70 Series is the best tool of the trade vehicle for working off road in pastoral grazing rangelands. It's a tough, reliable workhorse with an excellent whole of life cost."

Tasneem Dawson


“We always consider vehicle and maintenance costs when choosing a fleet company. From the whole of life resale value, to maintenance, to Fringe Benefits Tax, Toyota tops them all. It’s the most reliable brand, especially in our industry.”

Michael Kyriakopoulos

Fletcher Building Limited

“We choose a range Toyotas based on our drivers’ needs. We have large sedans for sales reps, SUVs for employees that need larger boot storage and utes for employees who carry building materials.”

Corolla parked by a cafe

Novated leasing

Attract and keep the best people in your business by offering a novated lease as part of their benefits. This allows an employee’s vehicle finance and running costs to be taken from their pre and post-tax salary. We can even setup an Employee Package Portal to help guide your employees through the novated lease process for eligible organisations.


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