Why choose a Personal Toyota Access Car Loan?

Toyota Access car loans come with a fixed interest rate and locked repayments as standard. Toyota Access also puts you in control of your future if your circumstances change, with trade, keep or return options.

Key Benefits


Guaranteed Future Value*

With the certainty of a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV), you’ll know that at the end of your car loan term you won’t owe more than your car is worth (subject to fair wear and tear and agreed kilometres being met). And the shorter loan periods and lower repayments^ mean you can keep reliving that new car feeling every few years.

Suitability RED

A car loan to suit you

With Toyota Access, you can organise your car loan in a way that suits you. You can choose your Toyota, as well as the deposit you want to pay (if any). You can also choose your loan term (up to four years), and estimate the number of kilometres you expect to travel by the end of the term. Plus, you can even choose if you would like to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Choice RED

More choice when your loan ends

When your loan ends, you also have the choice of three flexible options: trade, keep or return your Toyota.

Certainty RED


Throughout your car loan, enjoy the certainty of low fixed repayments^, a fixed interest rate and the reassurance that, with a GFV, you know where you stand now and in the future.


Lifetime of Advantages

When you buy a new Toyota, you’re getting more than a new car. You’re also getting a team of people that will care for and protect you, and your car, from the moment you drive out of your Toyota Dealership. Benefits include our Toyota Service Advantage which gives you the peace of mind of set, capped price, full logbook servicing. And, when you take out Toyota Car Insurance#, you’ll be getting quality repairs with Toyota Genuine Parts as standard, a Lifetime Repair Guarantee, on repairs authorised by Toyota Insurance and a new Toyota replacement after a total loss on vehicles up to 3 years old.

Find our more about our Toyota Lifetime of Advantages

What is a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV)?

A GFV is the minimum value of your Toyota at the end of the loan term, as determined by Toyota Finance using the loan term and kilometers chosen by you. The GFV becomes the final repayment of your loan. Depending on your circumstances when you come to the end of your loan term Toyota Finance will pay you the agreed GFV to put towards your final loan repayment, which if you’ve met all the fair wear and tear and kilometer conditions should be equal to your final repayment. The GFV provides you with that extra peace of mind knowing where you stand now and in the future.

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How does it work – now

We’ve made it simple with 5 easy steps to getting started with our Toyota Access car loan.

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How does it work – future

When your car loan term ends, you have the choice of three flexible options: trade, keep or return your vehicle.

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