C-HR Koba


Honed by engineers with racing spirit in their veins, Toyota C-HR is slick, bold and uncompromising. With a distinctive design, punchy turbo petrol engine and outstanding handling, it's built for a thrilling drive.

2016 12_C HR_FWD_5X Over_PET_Koba_3A_5A3_HornetYellow_e360_v07_002

$203 per week* over 4 years

Post tax saving of $2,483 per annum~

All calculations based on:

  • 48 month term
  • 20,000 km travelled p.a.
  • Residual value at 37.5%, and
  • Salary ($87,001 - $180,000)
  • budget estimate for all maintenance and fuel cost

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