Corolla actively works to help keep you safe

Even on the most familiar roads, you can never be sure what’s around the corner. Which is why we developed Toyota Safety Sense or TSS. This is a range of advanced active safety systems that use intuitive technology to sense danger, helping to keep you and your passengers out of harm's way.

A TSS package including a Pre-Collision Safety System[B4], Lane Departure Alert[B4] and Automatic High Beam[B4] comes standard on the Corolla ZR Hatch and Sedan, and is available as an option pack on every other Corolla model.

Pre-Collision Safety System

Should an unexpected incident occur up ahead, the Pre-Collision Safety System[B4] will take action to help protect you.

Forward Collision Warning[B4] uses radar to identify the imminent threat, and warns you with a visible and audible alert. As you start braking, Brake Assist[B4] applies additional force to help slow your vehicle.

If the system judges a collision to be unavoidable, Autonomous Emergency Braking[B4] can apply the brakes to reduce your speed and help mitigate the impact.

Watch the Pre-Collision Safety System in action

Lane Departure Alert

Lane Departure Alert[B4] helps by providing a visible and audible alert if you inadvertently deviate from your lane, helping to keep you, your passengers and other vehicles safe.

How Lane Departure Alert works

Automatic High Beam

Leaving your headlights on high beam can be a hazardous distraction for other drivers. Automatic High Beam[B4] uses a camera to sense approaching headlights or the tail lights of a car ahead. It will then switch your lights between high and low beam as needed, to help you drive safely and ensure optimum nighttime visibility.

How Automatic High Beam works