Automatic Collision Notification (ACN)

Help when you need it most

Looking out for you

In the event of a collision or serious accident your Toyota will automatically connect you with our 24/7 Toyota Emergency Assistance call centre[CS3]. If you need help or you don’t respond, we’ll contact emergency services immediately and send them to your location.

How it works

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If an airbag deploys or a severe collision is detected, our Toyota Emergency Assistance call centre will be instantly and automatically notified.

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We’ll contact you through your vehicle’s speaker to see if you need help. If you don’t respond we’ll treat it as an emergency.

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If you need help or don’t respond we’ll immediately contact emergency services with your location.

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We take information security seriously

Automatic Collision Notification will only engage when your airbags deploy or a severe collision is detected in serious accidents and always through a sophisticated system that ensures your data remains secure and protected.

Information about how Toyota Connected Services collects and handles your personal information can be found in our Data Privacy FAQs, Privacy policy and Terms and conditions.

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Complimentary for the first three years of new vehicle ownership, available with the First-Ever Yaris Cross and the New-Look Camry.

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