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As the Premier Partner of the AFL, we’re proud supporters of Australia’s game; men and women, young and old, from the grassroots to the elite. We don’t just love footy, we’re Good for Footy, striving to build better communities through sport.

Making footy gooder

Footy's good...but this season, we want to make it even gooder for you. So whether you play it , watch it, coach it, umpire it or just love it, we want to hear your suggestions. Pop your ideas in the Toyota Suggestion Box. We'll select the best and make them happen.... Because thats's Good for Footy!

Good for Footy Raffle

The Toyota Good for Footy Raffle is back in 2021. It’s free, easy and you can do it all online.

gear for footy
gear for footy

Good for Footy Gear

Since 2008, we’ve been helping grassroots clubs around Australia raise funds and stay strong through the Toyota Good for Footy program, and this year we’re kicking in even more. We’ve given one hundred women’s teams brand new uniforms designed specifically for female athletes, because we want to help keep women and girls playing with confidence.

Good for Footy Stories

Meet some of the local clubs that are doing great things for their community with the help of our Good For Footy program.