Toyota Australia Commercial Cars

Toyota Commercial Cars

Our utes, trucks, busses and vans combine the comfort and technology found in our passenger vehicles, with the power and toughness you want in a commercial car. All have been designed for comfort and convenience, with an eye on features that improve driving pleasure. And if you are looking for space as well as comfort, look no further. Our commercial cars come in a range of configurations so you can find the layout to suit.

The HiLux has increased towing capacity, with trailer brakes, so whether you're touring with the family or simply hauling a big payload, you'll have the brawn to do the job with ease. And the LandCruiser 70 ute has a 4.5 litre Diesel V8 fitted as standard to every model in the range. That's why, if you are on the road all day moving passengers or large loads, you'll love the range of commercial cars available from Toyota.

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