Areas of Opportunity

Advanced Planning

The Advanced Planning  Group’s focus is the future and what that means for Toyota Australia. From next generation mobility to alternative fuels, these studies are more important than ever as we continue to work on our local contribution to Toyota’s global innovations.

“Advanced Planning’s goal is to drive the implementation of Toyota Australia’s ‘Long Term Vision’. It’s an exciting area to work in, with some big challenges - but that’s expected when you’re working on things that we’ve never done before.”
Matt Macleod, Manager – Advanced Technology Vehicles and Site Development

Sales & Marketing

Toyota continually innovates. Human mobility is rapidly evolving and our team is pioneering new ways to the ensure our communications connect with our guests.

“Working in sales and marketing at Toyota means you not only stay on top of the latest developments in mobility, but you get to bring them to the everyday people in your community.”
Kate McLoughlin, Manager, Insights & Research


There has never been a more exciting time to work in digital at Toyota. Our teams are using technology to bring big changes to the automotive market. We are using digital innovation to create a positive, future-focused transformation to the way the world moves.

”Toyota’s focus on continuous improvement leads to outstanding support for those who can see problems, and propose solutions. In my time, I’ve been supported personally and professionally, and had the opportunity to work across all aspects of the business. Great people, great organisation, great brand.”
Dmitri Colebatch, Corporate Manager Solutions