Signing the contract

If you're ordering a new car from a dealer you will be required to sign a contract stating the details of your purchase and the estimated delivery date. Never sign a contract until it's complete, and you have thoroughly read and understood it.

This is the stage at which you will most probably be asked to make a holding deposit.

The contract should accurately describe the car that you have agreed to buy. It should also list any conditions outlining what you can do if there are any problems with the contract or delivery.

The contract should include:

  • Finance details
  • Date your car will be delivered
  • All price components including stamp duty, any green slip fees, registration fees, delivery charges and any insurance and optional extras
  • The total cost
  • Any special conditions.

Determine your flexibility

Even the smoothest transactions can sometimes face glitches.

The finance you want may not be approved, specific changes you have requested for your car may cause delays, or the colour you've decided on is not currently available.

While you have the right to wait or find exactly you want, having an open-mind about your needs and your budget can widen your choices and take any stress out of the process.

Find a reputable seller who can give you solid and honest advice about your options and the timings involved.