Delivery & waiting times

Waiting for delivery

As much as you'll want to drive your new vehicle straight out of the showroom, brand new cars often require some time for delivery and preparation.

Your dealer will be able to give you an estimated delivery time and this should be stated in your contract.

There's no standard waiting time for the delivery of a brand new car, whether it's coming from a local factory or being shipped from overseas.

Most dealers will try their absolute best to speed things along.

However, the chances of driving your car out of the showroom that day, or even in a week, are slim.

This is especially the case if you've made specific requests regarding colour or accessories.

How long will it take?

The average wait time will depend on whether your new car is available in stock or requires a factory order.

If your order is very specific, with a particular colour, grade and accessories or extras, your car will take a little longer to get ready.

If you need your car sooner, you can ask whether the dealer can do a stock swap and source the vehicle of your choice from another dealer. There may be a cost associated but you will have your new car right away.

To help expedite your order, the dealer may suggest changes such as a different colour to the one you've requested.

This is completely your decision. You might be happy to live with navy instead of black, but green might just not be you!

Why the wait?

Delivery times are variable and will include the time it takes for the car to leave the factory or dock, plus the time it takes for the car dealership team to ensure the car is in perfect condition for you.

New cars require extensive checking, detailing and cleaning and the installation of any specialised software to electronic equipment.