Virtual racers react to
the All-New GR86 in Gran Turismo


GR86 Virtual Racers Gran Turismo
GR86 Virtual Racers Gran Turismo

Pre-production model shown. Final range and specifications may differ from those depicted.

If you’ve owned a gaming console in the last decade, you’ve probably heard of the legendary driving simulator Gran Turismo.

Gran Turismo 7 stepped up the game this year with the latest in next-gen photo-realistic racing, continuing to lead the pack as the gold standard in racing sims for both auto enthusiasts and competitive eSports drivers.

Last year the Gran Turismo series got a surprise update when a very special vehicle was added for players to download and drive. The All-New GR86.

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Racing the All-New GR86 from your couch

Soon to hit real roads in Australia, the thrilling TOYOTA GAZOO Racing badged All-New GR86 is already drivable on the world’s most famous racing tracks in Gran Turismo.

The GR86 joins the virtual line-up of sports cars and performance vehicles, including the game-changing GR Yaris, simulated with near pinpoint accuracy to their real-life counterparts.

Excitingly, the addition of the GR86 offered auto fanatics the chance to virtually experience the GR86 prior to its launch.

The internet goes goo-goo for GAZOO

The GR86 was met with widespread enthusiasm in the Gran Turismo community.

Not only could rev-head gamers get a feel for the remarkable sports precision handling of the All-New GR86, featuring a redeveloped 2.4-litre “boxer” four-cylinder engine and iconic 86 Rear-wheel drive – but they could bear witness to its striking style in glorious, picture-perfect 4K rendered graphics. It even unlocked the opportunity to customise it to their liking.

GR86 Virtual Racers Gran Turismo
Gr86 Virtual Racers Gran Turismo

GR fans shared their impressions to YouTube and Reddit.

“I for one am happy to see the new GR86… Low Center of gravity, handles great, great platform and I can’t wait to drive this new car when it goes on sale.”

Shane Earley, YouTube user

“Now I was a bit dubious with this car when it was first announced, but now that I can see it in full 360° AND drive it firsthand, the car is no doubt amazing.”

Pluvillion, YouTube user

“I’m hoping to get one of these sometime this year, such a beautiful car!”

TheLonelyCats, Reddit user

“I adore the GR86 so much can't wait to get mine IRL and make it look exactly like what I envisioned it in GT7”

jg_machado, Reddit user

“I haven't seen one out in the wild yet, but this is such a great car. Over the last week, so many Youtube car journalists have purchased one for themselves. I can't remember the last time a car was that universally popular and revered by the auto enthusiasts community.”

starcap2, Reddit user

GR86 Virtual Racers Gran Turismo
Gr86 Virtual Racers Gran Turismo

Pre-production model shown. Final range and specifications may differ from those depicted.

“It’s beautiful” – the world’s best eSports racers take the wheel

Excitement spread to even the most elite Gran Turismo players, Paul Kandanoleon and Andrew Lee, known by their Gran Turismo handles of Noodles and Amazing Hour respectively.

With the GR86 about to launch in Australia we took the chance to ask them about their experience, getting a sneak peek of how it handles on the in-game tracks.

Racing at Bathurst, we had a pretty cool little race around there in the GR86. The more laps I did, the more I just really enjoyed it. It’s a great little car to drive. It was really good.


I think it's beautiful.


That Bathurst race in the GR86. Towards the top of the mountain you can really fang the thing. And it’s got that grip but it can also get a little tail-y. Again, it’s got low aero and road tyres. We also have to take tyre wear into consideration, obviously. So, it was really fun.


GR86 Virtual Racers Gran Turismo
Gr86 Virtual Racers Gran Turismo

From the main game to the fast lane

The hype for the GR86 is real, even if the drive is still virtual.

The All-New GR86 arrives in Australia in the second half of 2022 and you’ll have your chance to race to own one in real life. Before then, however, you can pick up a copy of Gran Turismo 7 today and virtually transport yourself to the driver's seat from the comfort of home.

It might just be the next best thing to driving away in one from your local Toyota Dealership.

Discover more about the All-New GR86 and register your interest to stay up-to-date for when it touches down in Australia.


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