The legendary evolution of a sportscar icon


Pre-production overseas model shown.

Following the hugely successful GR Supra and GR Yaris, the next generation of our iconic Toyota 86 is joining our lineup of road and track-ready GR range – evolving in 2022 to reawaken Australia’s love of high-performance sportscars.

Those who know and love the 86, know why this is so exciting.

But what do you know about the 86?

Shift back a gear for a moment and let’s dive into the DNA of our exhilarating high-performance coupe.

Pre-production overseas model shown.

A fast-tracked family legacy

To trace the twists and turns of the GR86’s legendary lineage we need to travel back to 1965. That year we released our very first real-wheel sportscar: the Toyota Sports 800. The granddaddy of our performance vehicles, a compact coupe with a top speed of 160 km/h.

Two years later the Sports 800 gave way to a revolutionary supercar, emerging from our factories in Japan came the Toyota 2000GT. Famously driven by Sean Connery in the 1967 Bond film ‘You Only Live Twice’.

Only nine ever made it to Australia, giving it an almost mythical status amongst enthusiasts.

Fast forward almost half a century to 2011. An extremely rare 67’ 2000GT coupe sits parked in the Toyota studio, the designers tasked with capturing its essence for a modern spiritual successor.

The first-ever 86. Toyota GT86.

Pre-production overseas model shown.

The legend of 86

The Toyota 86 took the sportscar world by storm. A four-seater with a fastback coupe body featuring a “boxer” engine, front-engine and rear-wheel drive, with shaped back windows reminiscent of the 2000GT.

Its interior cockpit focused on driver support. Gripping the sports steering wheel gave drivers the signature 86 race car experience. Its popularity in Australia is no surprise with over 20,800 models sold to date.

Favoured by those who lavish a fully-customisable ride and enthusiasts competing in motorsport, including the one-make TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Australia 86 Series.

GR 86 Interior
interior GR 86

Pre-production overseas model shown.

GAZOO RACING and 86: a winning combo

For the GR86, our GAZOO Racing team came on board to help design the uniquely thrilling driving experience that you’d expect of a GR vehicle.

Applying their pit team expertise to engineer more intuitive handling and instinctive and linear responsiveness and peak agility at the upper limits of performance – while carrying on the heritage of the 86.

Building on a legacy of pure performance on and off the track, GR86 will arrive with the spirit of GR in its DNA. A larger, more powerful engine and stiffer chassis mean this is the ultimate 86.

All-New GR86 invites a new generation of Toyota sportscar fans

"Far more than simply an evolution of the 86, the new GR86 takes the lessons from our motorsport activities and uses them to deliver a thrilling and exciting drive experience - whether that's competing on the track or enjoying a weekend away.”

Sean Hanley, Toyota Australia Vice President Sales and Marketing

GR86 engine

Pre-production overseas model shown.

The All-New GR86 is arriving with a new 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine - paired to six-speed manual or automatic transmissions.

With something for longtime fans and newcomers alike, GR86 is geared specifically to allow more people to feel the adrenalin of GAZOO Racing performance on the road – or the track.

"The new GR86 has been specially designed for sports performance with precise and playful handling, delivering pure driving pleasure and a strong emotional connection between driver and car,” Toyota Australia Vice President Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley added.

All-New GR86 arrives late 2022

Preparing yourself to experience the pure GR performance of the GR86? Find out more about the All-New GR86 and register your interest to stay on the pulse of this much anticipating release in 2022.