The tradie vehicle fit-out guide

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The tradie vehicle fit-out guide
The tradie vehicle fit-out guide

We know that for the hard-working tradie, your vehicle is often your office, your toolbox and your workshop. Our Toyota Dealers can work with you to configure your vehicle to your requirements, before you even drive away. They’ll help you determine how to best maximise things like towing, security and cargo capacity – saving you time and money so you can get on with your job.

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Discover the common vehicle customisations for some key trades below.

The plumber’s set-up

Andrew from Andrew Evans Plumbing in Adelaide has been a plumber for over 40 years. So, when it comes to work vehicles, he’s seen plenty come and go. These days he runs a plumbing company with a fleet of HiLux and HiAce vehicles. He says his utes are great because they’re robust enough for construction and drain laying work. But they can also be readily adapted into a standard service vehicle by adding a canopy or installing a cover across the back.

That said, he’s a big advocate for the all-rounder plumbing van. He appreciates that the latest HiAce has a roomier cab, a longer nose for safety, and is set up for easy storage and equipment access with a broader, wider rear and twin side doors. To help ensure his workforce has the necessary room for all their equipment, tools and materials, Andrew has custom designed the cargo area of each van. They’re fitted with shelving on each side over the rear axle. For extra storage, he has 300mm-high cabinets built over the passenger side sliding doors. He also explains that roof racks are a must, as are the appropriate racking clips for fastening pipes.

Key accessory for plumbers

Toyota HiAce Roof Rack: The Full Technician Kit 3 Bar System includes three aluminium crossbar roof racks, two ladder holders with retaining straps, two key lockable security cables, one two-way radio aerial mount and a 4.5 metre conduit holder(P4).


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The electrician’s set-up

Jared is a mechanic turned electrician who works for a company called Liftshop that installs high end residential lifts. His company car is a ute, but his personal preference is for a van, mainly for security reasons. He says, working around Melbourne, tool theft can be a real issue. In fact, he tells us his tools were stolen just 12 months ago. He thinks a lot of ute tool boxes have external locks that can be quite easily broken into. So if you’re going for a ute, look out for modern canopies and toolboxes that are hooked up to the vehicle’s central locking.

He explains that, while electrician work is a broad trade, when it comes to fitting out your vehicle it’s always essential to stay organised on the job. He recommends installing racks for cables and a modular set-up with adequate compartments to separate out the smaller materials – like light switches and power points – you’ll need. Adequately fastening up your tools in boxes so they don’t move around while you’re driving is crucial. As is partitioning your boxes, so your tools and materials don’t get mixed up throughout the work day.

Key accessory for electricians

Solid partition: Designed to give maximum occupant protection from carried loads like a cargo barrier, the solid partition is a solid panel with rubber seals. It helps reduce noise, buttress toolbox partitions and provides extra security(P4).


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The carpenter's set-up

Ben from BFC Built in Melbourne has been working in construction as a carpenter for around fourteen years. He says utes are a great option for other types of construction workers, such as bricklayers and renderers, who need to store larger equipment and sandy materials. But for him a van works well. And since he had his first van stolen when he was just getting started he’s learned that it’s always a good idea to shore up security with an adequate alarm system and caged windows. He highly recommends van roof racks too.

Ben also owns a ute, and chooses to fit it out with a canopy. He had steel drawers custom built along the length of the back too for improved tool access and security, as well as extra storage and freed-up floor space.

Key accessory for carpenters

Canopy Security Grill: Ensure your tools and materials stay where they should with this security grill. It separates the cabin from the canopy, protecting you from loose objects in the event of a sudden stop(P4).


Contact us for more information about grills, cages and accessories.

The gardener’s set-up

The van vs. ute debate is hotly contested amongst gardeners, landscapers, and maintenance tradies. What’s right for you will depend on many factors. Ask, how much storage do you need – do you need to secure large items like lawnmowers? Do you need a trailer to split your gear from green waste? Will you use this vehicle solely for work or are you looking for something that can double up as your day-to-day vehicle?

Using the everyday workhorse, the LandCruiser 70 GX, as a great base for the gardening trade, here are our recommended accessories for a well-organised and efficient gardening vehicle.

Key accessory for gardeners

Toyota Genuine Tray: Toyota Genuine trays are the perfect canvas to build out your vehicle, as they’re designed to integrate seamlessly with Toyota’s full range of accessories. Our heavy-duty steel tray bodies are ideal for rough loads such as bricks and rocks, while our high-strength alloy trays provide a tough yet light option for transporting your gear(P4).


Tow Bar, Tow Ball and Trailer Wiring Harness set: With a capacity of up to 3,500kg(G6) (braked) and 750kg (unbraked), this tow bar set will give you plenty of pulling power for those bigger loads. Pair it with a Load Distribution Hitch for improved vehicle control and stability(P4).


Alloy Roof Tray: A set of Genuine Roof Racks combined with an Alloy Roof Tray gives you the flexibility to load up more gear when you need it, and travel lighter when you don’t(P4).

LandCruiser 70
LandCruiser 70

A big thank you to Ben, Jared and Andrew for chatting to us for this article.

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(G6) Towing capacity subject to regulatory requirements, towbar and vehicle design and towing equipment limitations. Ask your dealer for Toyota Genuine Towbar capacity and availability details.

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