Yaris is equipped with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRC) across the range. These two clever pieces of technology automatically control engine power and the brake force going to each individual wheel to make sure that Yaris always has the best possible grip on the road. They work to help prevent skidding and wheel-spin, helping to make sure you have control in all driving situations.

Vehicle Stability Control for safer cornering

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) continually monitors the driver's steering intentions and compares them with the direction the car is moving in. In normal driving circumstances it takes no action at all. But if you have to swerve suddenly at high speed (to avoid an accident for instance) and begin to slide off course, the system instantly senses that the car is starting to go off track. It then automatically reduces power and applies a series of short braking pulses to the wheels to help keep the car heading where you want it.

Making a good start with Traction Control

TRC works in the same way as VSC, controlling the engine power and braking force to each wheel to help prevent wheel-spin and to make sure Yaris has the best possible grip when you pull away or accelerate. This helps ensure smooth starts, even on steep slopes and slippery, uneven surfaces.