Yaris is cleverly structured to protect everyone in the car in the event of an accident. The car's body incorporates special reinforcements and crumple zones which contribute to improved stability and safety in a collision.

Safe-T first

Built around our energy absorbing central Safe-T-Cell, these zones deflect much of the force of a collision away from the driver and passengers.

High Tensile Steel protection

In the Yaris models, the structural protection goes even further than before. Strategically placed high tensile steel sheets (below and to the sides) help keep the body rigid. Should there be a crash, these help protect everyone in the car from whatever is happening outside. The body is built to deflect and absorb crash energy in front-on and side collisions.

Pedestrian safety

And the structure on Yaris isn't just designed to protect everyone inside the car. The front is built with pedestrian protection in mind. The bonnet, cowl, front fender and front bumper are all impact absorbent to help reduce injury in an accident to anyone on the outside of the car.