Yaris is the perfect partner for those with a busy city life - it's dependable and economical. You can help care for Yaris with Toyota Service Advantage, which comes with the entire Yaris range. With Toyota Service Advantage you get low-cost, capped price servicing on a new Yaris for the first three years after purchase or the first 60,000km [T1], whichever occurs first. Because looking after a Yaris should be as easy as it is to drive.

Capped Price Servicing

We realise there's not always a lot left in the budget for car servicing, which is why we've included Toyota Service Advantage as standard so that you'll pay only $140 to service your Yaris [T1]. That capped price extends for each of the first six eligible logbook services, in your first 3 years of ownership or the first 60,000km[B20], whichever occurs first. It's a relief to know that servicing pricing is one thing in life that can remain the same!


Toyota Service Advantage offers you all the benefits of a Toyota Genuine Service at a capped priced, for the specified service intervals. We recommend Yaris cars be serviced every 6 months or 10,000kms. These Standard Scheduled Logbook Services are included in Toyota Service Advantage.


The main thing we think you'll appreciate with Toyota Service Advantage, is not having to dread receiving your service bill. We want the experience of owning a new Yaris to be as good as possible, and that includes reliable and economical servicing.

Toyota trained technicians who know Yaris

Who better to work on a Yaris than someone who works on Toyotas day in and day out? Toyota trained technicians understand Yaris better than anyone else, which means not only are they better equipped to service a Yaris but they can also give you precise answers about the running of a Yaris and talk to you about how best to look after the car.

Specialist Toyota diagnostic equipment

We've developed specialist equipment that our technicians use when servicing. Because the equipment was developed specifically for Toyota cars, it means any problems are more likely to get fixed the right way, the first time you come in. There's nothing like the peace of mind that comes with having a technician who really understands your car.

Yaris technical updates straight from the factory

You don't want to be told last year's news, and you probably don't want your technician to be working with last year's factory updates. Toyota technicians are the experts at looking after Yaris. They have the most up-to-date information about Yaris cars direct from the factory. They also receive training from the same people who make Yaris.

Servicing with Toyota Genuine Parts

A Yaris quickly becomes an indispensible part of everyday life, but as the miles pick up, it may need a replacement part now and then. With Toyota Service Advantage, included as standard, we use Toyota Genuine Parts with a 12 month warranty [T2], which are made to the same exacting standards and level of quality as the Yaris.