Whether you're zipping around town or taking a trip away, Yaris is a car that's designed to give you a happy combination of satisfying driveability with impressive fuel economy.

All Yaris grades are powered by fuel-efficient engines with

Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i). As its name suggests, this clever technology automatically controls the valve timing of the engine so it works at its most efficient in all driving situations - slowing down, speeding up, ticking over, cruising on the highway or stop-starting around town.

This advanced engine is so responsive, it really moves when you want it to, providing an optimum balance of performance and economy, while keeping emissions down. So whichever way you look at it, VVT-i makes the idea of buying a Yaris look like very clever thinking indeed.

Yaris Fuel Consumption (Combined)


  • Ascent (5 door) 1.3 litre Manual: 5.8 Litres/100KM[G1]
  • Ascent (5 door) 1.3 litre Automatic: 6.4 Litres/100KM[G1]
  • SX (5 door) 1.5 litre Manual: 5.9 Litres/100KM[G1]
  • SX (5 door) 1.5 litre Automatic: 6.4 Litres/100KM[G1]
  • ZR (5 door) 1.5 litre Automatic: 6.4 Litres/100KM[G1]