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Used Toyota HiAce

Used Toyota HiAce

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A used Toyota HiAce car will serve you and your business well. It's been the trademark vehicle for professionals for over 35 years. The HiAce works hard, but can also be economical to run which means there's less for you to worry about. It's smooth to drive so you can always trust that you'll be able to get around town without any trouble.

  • Works smarter and harder

    Toyota's outstanding reputation of reliability means that a used HiAce gives you reassurance that you'll experience only a minimum of down time. HiAce's potential for low running costs will also look after your budget. It simply smart thinking and hard work combined.

  • Your choice of engines

    No matter what used Toyota HiAce car you drive, you'll find it operates with impressive efficiency. Depending on your needs, you can choose models built with VVT-i petrol engines, or for extra grunt, there's also models with turbo diesel engines producing an impressive amount of torque when you've got heavy weight to pull.

  • Smooth and easy to drive

    The hard-working HiAce is easy to drive, quiet and responsive. Excellent suspension and steering make a used HiAce a pleasure to drive around town, taking tight turns safely and with ease.

  • Long lasting value

    When you buy a used Toyota HiAce car, not only do you look to save through low running costs, you also get value out of buying a car with legendary durability. Toyota cars are engineered to last for a long time, keeping the cost of ownership to a minimum, all of which makes the HiAce extremely good value.

  • Shop the full HiAce range

    The HiAce has its place as the car for professionals within the Toyota range. While searching for a used Toyota HiAce, make sure you check out the features specific to that model, as different grades will have slightly different features.

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