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Used Toyota Echo

Used Toyota Echo

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The predecessor of the Toyota Yaris, the Echo is one of Toyota's much loved sub compact cars. A used Toyota Echo car has all the same principles behind it as the current day Yaris. It's fun, safe and economical to drive as well as having the reliability and durability of a Toyota.

  • Economical and Efficient

    A used Echo is a smart choice from an economical and environmental standpoint when buying a used car. The 1.3L or 1.5L 4-cylinder engine produces low emissions, and because of the Echo's fuel efficiency, you'll also find that you don't need to fill up on petrol nearly as often.

  • Fun to drive

    It's fun because it's just so easy to drive. You'll have no problem nipping around town in a used Toyota Echo car. You can park in the smallest of spots and switch between lanes with ease thanks to its compact dimensions.

    The small size of a used Echo does not equate to being small on features. The standard Echo models have integrated audio systems and speakers, a central digital instrument panel, air conditioning and ample storage in the back for whatever luggage you might be carrying.

  • Reliable value

    When you buy a used Toyota Echo car, you're getting a car that's has the Toyota DNA of quality, durability and reliability. Toyota cars last longer than others because they've been engineered with longevity in mind. That's good value.

  • Shop the Echo Range

    A fun to drive car that's economical and efficient is pretty much a given with any Echo car. But you still have more to choose from when you buy a used Toyota Echo car. While no longer part of the current Toyota range, the Echo was produced in the following variants

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