Toyota Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I register for My Toyota??
  • Where can I find my vehicle's Vehicle Identification or Batch number?

    Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be found on your vehicle's compliance label, registration certificate or printed on the Retail Delivery Card, which may be in your vehicle's Service & Warranty booklet. Your vehicle's Batch number may also be found on the Retail Delivery Card.

  • What happens if I lose all the keys to my vehicle?

    You must contact an authorised Toyota Dealer so they can order a replicated key. It is possible that the Engine Control Unit may also need replacing. The Toyota dealer will work with you to organise another key replacement.

  • Can I have my Toyota serviced by an independent/non Authorised repairer?

    While any reputable mechanic will do their best to service your Toyota for safe driving, the best way to be 100% sure your Toyota is serviced correctly is to trust it to the expert Technicians at your Toyota Service Centre. With their sophisticated diagnostic equipment, Toyota specific training, authorisation to conduct repairs under warranty, and use of Toyota Genuine Parts, you can be sure your Toyota is in the best of hands. The Toyota new car warranty may not cover claims or damages caused by the failure of non-genuine parts used by some vehicle repairers.

  • Can I use Petrol blended with Ethanol in my Toyota?

    For vehicles manufactured or imported by Toyota Australia:

    TOYOTA (Passenger Models)

    Locally produced Toyota models will operate satisfactorily on petrol fuel blended with 10% ethanol (E10) from the following production dates:

    Camry: from Jan 1987 (All electronic fuel injection models)

    Hybrid Camry: All

    Corolla: from July 1994

    Aurion: All

    Avalon: All

    Lexcen: All

    (Note: Previous production and Corona model not recommended due to incompatability of material)

    Enthanol blend greater than 10% is not approved

    All Toyota passenger vehicles fully imported by Toyota Australia will operate on petrol fuel blended with 10% ethanol (E10), except older models:





    (Note: E10 not recommended due to incompatiibility of material) Enthanol blend greater than 10% is not approved.

    TOYOTA (Commercial Models)

    All Toyota Commercial vehicles imported by Toyota Australia will operated on petrol fuel blended with 10% ethanol (E10), except models fitted with a carburettor as listed:

    Coaster Bus: pre Jan 1993 (carburettor engine)

    Dyna: pre May 1995 (carburettor engine)

    Tarago: pre Oct 1996 (carburettor engine)

    Hilux: pre Aug 1997 (carburettor engine)

    Hiace: pre Aug 1997 (carburettor engine)

    4 Runner: pre Aug 1997 (carburettor engine)

    Townace: pre Dec 1998 (carburettor engine)

    LandCruiser: pre Aug 1992 (carburettor & EFI engine)

    (Note: E10 not recommended due to incompatibility of material) Enthanol blend greater than 10% is not approved.

  • If I leave a lengthy time between services, will this impact my warranty?

    Regular scheduled servicing is vital to maintain the performance of your car. You should always follow the recommended service intervals as outlined in your vehicle Warranty & Service Handbook, including any additional service requirements that your vehicle may need. Your Toyota warranty does not cover damage caused by inadequate maintenance.

  • If I have my vehicle serviced by someone other than a Toyota Dealer, will this void my warranty?

    If a licensed vehicle repairer services your Toyota vehicle in accordance with Toyota's servicing guidelines, then normal warranty coverage will apply. It is however important to note that if a non-genuine part is fitted to your Toyota and that part's failure or the incorrect fitment damages your vehicle, then that damage may not be covered by your Toyota Warranty. For peace of mind servicing, we recommend you visit your authorised Toyota Service Centre who uses Toyota Genuine Parts and has Toyota trained technicians.