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As long as you have the key in your pocket or bag; the Smart Entry sys...

System designed to maximise safety when accelerating on slippery road...

A system that automatically controls the speed of a vehicle.

The VSC system utilises electronic sensors in conjunction with the ABS...

Toyota's AB-i system incorporates Anti-skid Braking System (ABS)...

A system that automatically retracts front seatbelts to hold the front...

A system that automatically adjust the wipers to match the amount of r...

In the event of a rear-end collision, the front seat active head restraints move slightly up and forward, so your head and neck are more effectively cushioned.

System consisting of a television camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle and the vehicles EMV screen...

Designed as a driver assist device only, the system calculates the distance and relative speed of the car in front and will warn you if an accident is likely. If an accident becomes unavoidable the system applies the brake. (Not available on all grades and models.)

Steering Assisted Vehicle Stability Control

Under searing sun, your Toyota performs the way it always does-from the way it stops to turning. To build cars with a high heat tolerance we test them under external temperatures.

Toyota isn't satisfied by just making a car that can resist cold weather. We build our cars to tackle the effects of snow accumulation, melting, and refreezing as well as the effects of heavy snowstorms and fine powder snow entering the cabin.

Your Toyota has hundreds of thousands of kilometers of road experience. Paved and smooth; rough, rutty and pitted; gravel, dirt, or sand; even on slick surfaces, our engineers meticulously test Toyota vehicles for safety and durability. Our test course is designed from research of the worlds roads. Here we evaluate, among other things, acceleration, deceleration, and cornering to be sure they clear Toyotas rigorous standards. Our experienced test drivers examine each car to the tiniest detail, again and again, until we're satisfied. That's more than you might ever need. That's what makes it a Toyota.

Before any of our cars go into production they're exhaustively tested over hundreds of thousands of kilometres, on some of the most demanding road surfaces in the world.

We conduct crash tests on our glass pit, so we can observe collisions from many angles. Footage from below our vehicles via a translucent floor allows us to analyze collisions to the 1,000th of a second. This helps answer a very important question

Toyota protects you from the inside and out. In a collision, our vital organs are subjected to huge impacts. That's why Toyota developed Total HUman Model for Safety, otherwise known as THUMS. These virtual crash test dummies simulate internal injuries sustained in actual car crashes. And they're just like you, with organs, bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles. That's what makes them so human. That's how we make you safer. That's what makes it a Toyota.

We've developed the Total HUman Model for Safety, because we're all fragile, especially on the inside. That's what makes it safer. That's what makes it a Toyota.