All RAV4 grades feature Bluetooth®[B5] connectivity integrated into the audio system, to allow you to make and receive hands-free mobile calls and to enable audio streaming from selected devices such as mobile phones, iPods®[G8] and iPhones®[G8].

Sounds Great

As Bluetooth®[B5] connectivity is integrated into the audio system, you hear whoever's calling (and whoever you call) through the wrap around 6-speaker sound system in RAV4, so (signal permitting) the sound quality of calls is excellent.

Always in Touch

Bluetooth®[B5] connectivity in RAV4 means you never need to be out of contact which can be very reassuring if you ever head off road somewhere pretty remote.

As long as there's a signal, it doesn't matter where you are, you can stay in touch with family, friends and business via hands-free calls on your mobile phone through RAV4's audio system.