RAV4 comes with an extensive range of advanced safety technologies. These include active safety features designed to help prevent accidents from happening in the first place and passive safety features to help minimise the effect of any impact on driver, passengers and pedestrians, should an accident happen. Cruiser grades are also fitted with the Global Safety Package (optional for GXL grades with the GXL Technology Pack), which includes a number of active systems that work together to provide elevated levels of safety.

Trailer Sway Control

RAV4 comes standard with Trailer Sway Control for added safety and convenience. Towing can be dangerous and Trailer Sway Control helps keep you in control of whatever you might be towing behind your RAV4.

Active Cruise Control

Active Cruise Control is a convenient safety feature that's standard across Cruiser grades and optional across GXL grades. Active Cruise Control [B9] maintains a preset following distance between you and the car in front. Using a range of built in sensors the system continually monitors the speed of the car ahead and automatically adjusts the speed of the RAV4 accordingly. When there's no car in front, dynamic radar acts like normal cruise control, keeping you at a regular preset speed.


RAV4 is equipped with Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbags including a driver's knee airbag, driver and front passenger front and side airbags and driver front passenger and second row curtain shield airbags.

Brake System

Anti-Skid Braking System (ABS) comes standard on all grades of RAV4. The ABS brake system automatically compares and adjusts wheel speeds, and controls the brake force to each wheel. By balancing braking between all four wheels in this way, the system helps to minimise the risk of an out of control skid, shortens stopping distance and helps to ensure that you have steering control while braking.

Cruiser grades are also equipped with Autonomous Emergency Braking to help bring you to a stop as quickly and safely as possible. This feature is optional across GXL grades as part of the GXL Technology Pack.

Automatic High Beam

The RAV4 Cruiser grade is equipped with Automatic High Beam [B6] technology. This feature is also part of the Advanced Safety Pack. This automatically adjusts the headlights from high beam to low beam when it detects the headlights of an approaching vehicle or the tail lights of a vehicle in front.

Traction Control

Traction Control (TRC) automatically adjusts the engine and brake power distributed to any of the wheels which it senses are slipping. Traction Control (TRC) automatically controls the throttle or applies the brakes to any wheel that's slipping to maximise safety on slippery surfaces or where there's variable grip.

Reversing Camera

A standard feature across the RAV4 range is a Reversing Camera[B4], which is a useful safety aid that helps you avoid obstacles behind you such as toys, fence posts and low walls.

Images from the Reversing Camera[B4] have fixed guidelines to help make manoeuvering in and out of tight spots even easier. Cruiser grades incorporate a Back Guide Monitor within the Reversing Camera[B4] system which superimposes dynamic predictive guidelines over the camera image. As you turn the steering wheel, these guidelines move to show you the path the vehicle will move along and help guide you into your perfect park, assisted by parking sensors. Both the Back Guide Monitor and parking sensors are optional additions to the GXL grade with the GXL Technology Pack.

Child Restraint Anchor Points

RAV4 has three top-tether Child Restraint Anchor points located on the back side of the second row of seats.

Vehicle Stability Control

RAV4's Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system helps keep the car on the course you're steering, by automatically adjusting the engine power and braking force going to each wheel, when it senses oversteer or understeer during cornering.

Rigid Body

Our cars are rigorously tested and have to pass some of the toughest safety standards in the world before they are permitted on the road. Built around a central Safe-T-Cell, RAV4's body incorporates special reinforcements to help minimise the effects of an impact in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Impact Absorbing Structures

RAV4 is built around Toyota's famous energy absorbing Safe-T-Cell and features impact absorbing structures in key positions around the entire vehicle to help protect driver, passengers and pedestrians in the unfortunate event of an accident.

ELR Seatbelts

RAV4 driver and front passenger seats are fitted with 3-point Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) seatbelts with a pre-tensioner and force-limiter function. And to make sure everyone in the car is properly belted up, there's a visual seatbelt reminder in the dashboard for the rear three seats.