All grades of RAV4 are available with a 2.2L diesel engine with intercooled turbocharger.

Diesel Engine Power

RAV4's diesel engine generates a respectable amount of power (110KW at 3600 RPM) and heaps of torque (340 Nm between 2000 and 2800 RPM) so you have plenty of muscle for towing, carrying heavy loads and dealing with challenging terrain.

It also offers excellent fuel efficiency and environmental performance. Automatic models deliver 6.5L/100km[G1] (combined) while manual models deliver a very frugal 5.6L/100km[G1] (combined).

A Great performer

Whether you're cruising on the motorway or giving RAV4 a thorough workout off the beaten track, you know no matter how hard you ask RAV4 to work, you'll always have a great balance of power and fuel economy.