RAV4's advanced 6-speed, automatic transmission system available in AWD models, is highly flexible. It is designed to give you the very best of all worlds. Whether you're pounding along off-road trails or cruising on the highway, the transmission adapts to the conditions and the way you're driving.

When driving in Sports mode, this AWD system enhances driving pleasure by contributing to the driving and handling stability that is more suited to sporty driving.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)-SHIFT Control

AWD RAV4 models with automatic transmission feature automatic AI-SHIFT control. This senses road conditions and uses accelerator pedal feedback to respond to your intentions and change shift patterns to suit the way you are driving.

Multi-mode Automatic Transmission

RAV4 features a gate type shift lever. Alongside the normal automatic drive 'D' position, you can shift into the 'S' position on an AWD Petrol model or 'M' position on an AWD Turbo-Diesel model. Shifting into either 'S' or 'M' will enable sequential gear shifting to give you more control over the gear changes.

In the 'S' or 'M' position, you can make quick up and down shifts simply by moving the lever to the plus (+) or minus (-) positions. The gear position indicator will display the gear you are in.

The automatic transmission also features Direct Downshift Control (available on AWD Petrol Automatic models only) which reacts to the urgency of your accelerator operation to enable you to shift down through several gears at once, instantly delivering the drive power you want.

Smooth Downshifts and Highly Responsive Upshifts

When you engage sequential shift and shift down in AWD Automatic models, the engine speed automatically increases to synchronise with the selected gear. These downshifts deliver fast, smooth changes that enhance the sporty drive feel of RAV4.

By optimising engine speeds during upshifts, the car also delivers excellent responsiveness while quick precise clutch control (available on Automatic and CVT models only) minimises the jolty effect that often goes with aggressive acceleration.