RAV4 2.0L 2WD models feature an Automatic Limited Slip Differential.

Car wheels rotate at different speeds - during cornering for instance, the outside wheels need to cover more ground than the inside wheels. Over uneven surfaces, where the surface may be more slippery on one side than the other, the wheels on either side will have to be adjusted to maintain traction.

The Limited Slip Differential was developed to enable this to happen.

Automatic Limited Slip Differential (LSD)

Automatic LSD works through the Traction Control system to automatically slow down wheel rotation in order to minimise wheel spin and enhance start off performance on loose road surfaces - eg., sandy or dusty tracks.

Traction Control (TRC)

All RAV4 models feature a Traction Control (TRC) system, which monitors each wheel individually and then automatically reduces the rotation speed of free spinning wheels by applying brake force if any wheel spin is detected. This improves start off performance in slippery conditions such as rain or ice.

Traction Control and Automatic Limited Slip Differential are just some of the many advanced technological features and innovations that make RAV4 such a tireless 'can do' performer.