With Prius you can enjoy efficiency without sacrificing power. The 4th Generation Hybrid Synergy Drive® delivers remarkable fuel efficiency without compromising performance. The intelligent energy management system seamlessly synergises the car's petrol engine with its electric motor. So that each power unit either supports the other or takes over completely, depending on the driving situation.

Superior Hybrid Synergy Drive® technology

Uncompromised. Efficient. Dynamic. Hybrid Synergy Drive® (HSD) is the world's most advanced hybrid technology.

Toyota has refined the 4th Generation Hybrid Synergy Drive® (HSD) to create a lighter, more efficient system. It features a more compact size and has achieved a weight reduction on both the motor and battery pack when compared to previous models. This allows the interior and luggage capacity space to be increased. When on the road, Prius uses the optimal control of a 1.8L petrol engine and a highly refined electric motor and switches seamlessly between the two or uses them simultaneously to deliver a more exhilarating driving performance for any condition.

Three alternative driving modes

Prius allows you to set the driving mode to suit your driving mood, or on-road situation. Need power on the freeway? Switch to Power Mode. Driving slowly down quiet streets? Switch to EV Mode to use battery power only (and produce zero emissions[G1]). And for general city driving, switch Prius to Eco Mode for uncompromised efficiency.

EV Mode

At low speeds, the car can be switched to EV mode (Electric Vehicle). In this mode, the car runs on the electric motor alone – useful to reduce noise late at night in built up residential areas or to cut emissions when parking in a small garage or an underground car park.

Eco Mode

Switch to Eco Mode for the best fuel economy across all driving conditions where Prius uses its 1.8L petrol engine in synergy with its electric motor. Accelerator pedal response is controlled and the air conditioning is tuned to improve fuel economy.

Power Mode

Switch to Power Mode for seamless power comes from the 1.8L petrol engine, supported by the 53kW electric motor. In Power Mode the Driver's Mind D-range (DMD) control continuously monitors the driver’s acceleration pattern and lateral G-force to better adapt acceleration and deceleration to the driving pattern.

Shift by wire

In town or out, you'll find Shift by Wire technology reduces the effort to change gears and provides a more enjoyable drive. Shift by wire gears use an electronic signal to transmit the gear selection and will automatically put Prius into Park under certain conditions including when the drivers door is opened and the driver's seatbelt is unbuckled.