Advanced battery technology is a key part of Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive® (HSD) system. Prius v features a high voltage, Lithium-ion battery in an innovative, space saving design.

  • Long Warranty
  • No need to plug it in
  • Recyclable Battery

Long Lasting Warranty

For added peace of mind, our hybrid batteries come with a comprehensive warranty that covers you for 8 years or 160,000km [W1] (whichever occurs first).

No Need to Charge From the Mains

Prius v's hybrid battery is automatically charged while you drive. This means you never need to plug your car into the mains to have charge the battery.

Plus when you brake or slow down, the energy that is normally lost as heat is converted into reusable energy and stored in the battery for low emission [G1] driving later.

Our hybrid cars have been recognised globally, achieving many awards and certification to the toughest environmental standards in the world.

Global Hybrid Leadership

Prius v's hybrid battery is recyclable. You can arrange to recycle Toyota hybrid batteries at no cost through a Toyota dealership.

Toyota has a history of environmental leadership and is committed to working towards a worldwide goal to approach zero impact on the environment in all our activities, including vehicle production.